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Anizeck tick protection

Dear Anifit Team,

My name is Nelly and I am already 6 years old. The cat in the picture is my mate (also lives with us). I had a terrible experience this year, I stepped into a nest of ticks. They were all over my neck, on the balls of my feet and it itched everywhere. My mistress got to know Anizeck tick repellent through her friend. She applies it early on my neck and hind legs and that lasts me the whole day. Unless we go into the woods, then she repeats the application before we leave. The grass is really high at the moment (forage meadow) but there are no ticks in sight. We have been using it successfully for about 6 weeks now and are confident that the little bloodsuckers will stay away from us in future.
My cat mate also uses Anizeck tick repellent. But only on his neck so that he can't lick it off. He's out and about all day and hasn't brought a tick home yet.

Many greetings from Nelly and Schmietz and our dog mum from Falkenberg in Saxony.

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