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Deeks thinks the wet food is great

We are totally enthusiastic about the wet food mentioned above.

Since Deeks switched from pure barf to the Anifit wet food varieties (all varieties)

we finally have TOLLES OUTPUT.

You can only understand that masters and mistresses can enjoy good cocoa if you have almost only experienced diarrhoea.

As his blood count 8 weeks ago (B12 deficiency, urine value and liver) was not optimal, another blood sample was taken today.

We are curious to see if the values are better now

It is also great that the vegetables contained are recognisable or do not smell artificial.

Our Hovawart waits patiently for his food and is happy to eat.

We haven't seen that in the last six months.

For me personally, I think the design and colour scheme of the tins is great and has a playful touch.

Dry treats are always important and if the calories are low, it can be more.

I ordered them from Anifit for the first time and will continue to buy them from you.

It's nice to get everything from one supplier.

What you mean by photo I was confused as to what you would like.

In the picture, the empty Anifit tin has been chewed off the table.😩

I took the opportunity to take a photo😉

We are all happy to have found Anifit.

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